Kick-off Meeting and Launching Ceremony (24-26 January)

More information: Launching Ceremony and Kickoff meeting

Under the auspices and in presence of his excellence Minister Diab and her excellence ambassador Eichhorst, head of the Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon, the TLQAA project has been launched in a ceremony at the University of Balamand on 26 January 2012. A representative of the Ambassador of France, Denis Pietton, and the Ambassador of Spain, Juan Carlos Gafo Acevedo, as well as representatives from UNESCO, partner institutions from Europe and Lebanon, and a wide spectrum of social partners, including the President of the Association of Banks in Lebanon Dr. Joseph Torbay and the President of LibanPack Dr. Fady Gemayel, attended this ceremony. The speeches delivered stressed on the need to establish a national Quality Assurance Agency in Lebanon.
Two working days (24-25 January) as a kickoff meeting preceded the launching ceremony day. These days were dedicated to work on the definition of a quality assurance system for Lebanon. Some administrative issues were also be adressed during those days.