WP.1: Defining the Lebanese Quality Assurance Model

Setting the model for quality assurance (QA) in the Lebanese Higher Education sector is at the core of the project. This workpackage aims at establishing this model. The Lebanese Higher Education system, the governing laws and structures and the internal quality assurance throughout the different institutions will be thoroughly studied. In a kickoff meeting the content of the study to be performed is suggested by CIEP. Then, a set of documents describing the laws and structures will be collected and analyzed. In order to study the internal quality assurance structure a survey will be conducted and the Lebanese partners may be considered as a good sample for this objective. A synthesis document will result on this study. Based on this document a first quality assurance model will be drafted. This subtask is started by a meeting in France where examples of QA models are presented. The drafted QA model is presented and discussed in a round table to which all the Lebanese stakeholders (all Higher Education Institutions and professional associations and students) will be invited. The comments and suggestions emitted during the roundtable will be collected and a final model will be reached after integrating the comments in the first suggested QA model.

  • Start Date: October 2011
  • End Date: April 2011
  • Lead Partner: University of Balamand
  • Deliverables:
    1. Description of the Higher Education Context (report)
    2. Draft Quality Assurance Model
    3. Roundtable on Quality Assurance Model (report)
    4. Quality Assurance Model