TLQAA Final Conference Paris - 14 November 2013

Towards the Lebanese Quality Assurance Agency
The Tempus TLQAA experience

Place: Ministère de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche, 25 rue de la Montagne Sainte-Geneviève, 75005 Patis
Date: Thursday 14 November 2013

This conference is an opportunity to discuss the realizations and outcomes of the project and in particular to identify issues that deserve attention or further developments when setting up a quality assurance agency.

8h45 - 9h15: Registration

9h15 - 9h20: Presentation of the agenda and the organization of the day
               Bruno Curvale, CIEP

9h20 - 10h00: Welcome notes
               Bruno Curvale, CIEP (welcome note on behalf of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research)
               Mazen El Khatib, Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education
               Fr. Walid Moussa, President NDU and Association of Universities in Lebanon
               Nada Chbat, Lebanese University

10h00 - 11h00: Roundtable 1 -Needs of the Lebanese higher education in terms of Quality Assurance
               Chairperson: Henri Awit, USJ
               Position of the Lebanese Directorate General
                        Mazen El Khatib, Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education
               Needs of the private Lebanese universities
                        Nashaat Mansour, LAU
               Needs of the Lebanese University
                        Zeinab Saad, LU

11H00 - 12H10: Roundtable 2 -Project Implementation I: Preparing the external evaluation
               Chairperson: Andy Gibbs, ENU
               The TLQAA model
                        Soubhi Abou Chahine, BAU
               The standards
                        Adnan El Amine, LAES
               Selection and training of the reviewers
                        Nada Moghaizel Nasr, USJ
               The tools
                        Saadallah Halimi, MUT

12H10 - 14H00: Lunch

14h00 - 15h00: Roundtable 3 -Project Implementation II: Internal and external evaluations
               Chairperson: Pascale Salameh, LU
               Self-evaluation reporting
                        Maha Deek, USF
               Site visit
                        Maha Khachab, UOB
               External evaluation report
                        Diane Nauffal, LAU
               Feedback from observers
                        Sabine Goulin, UdL

15H00 - 15H30: Coffee break

15h30 - 16h30: Points to consider when building a QAA
               Chairperson: Sandrine Canter, ULB
               The ten benchmarks to design a new evaluation agency
                        Robert Fouquet, AERES
                        Bruno Curvale, CIEP

16h30 - 17h30: The road ahead
               Chairperson: Chafic Mokbel, UOB
               Lessons from the five external evaluation
                        Mary Angella Willis, NDU
                        Zalpha Ayoubi, LU
                        George Abdelnour, NDU
                        Josianne Abi Khattar, USF
                        Rabih Banat, MUBS
                        Pierre Gedeon, NDU
                        Elie Honein, UOB


PDF icon Needs of the Lebanese University - Zeinab Saad
PDF icon Project Phases - Chafic Mokbel
PDF icon Proposed QA Model - Soubhi Abou Chahine
PDF icon Selection and Training of Experts - Nada Moghaizel Nasr
PDF icon The tools - Saadallah Halimi
PDF icon Self Study Reporting - Maha El Deek
PDF icon Site Visit - Maha Khachab
PDF icon External Evaluation Reporting - Diane Nauffal
PDF icon Benchmarks for deigning an evaluation agency - Bruno Curvale and Robert Fouquet
PDF icon The road ahead - Chafic Mokbel