Quality Reviewers: The Backbone of the Quality System

A seminar entitled "Quality Reviewers: The Backbone of the Quality System" has been held at the Lebanese University - Central Administration on June 23, 2014.
The seminar was introduced by H.E. Dr. El Sayyed Hussein the President of the Lebanese University. Around 45 scholars from more than 17 Lebanese universities and higher education institutions and one European expert, M. Curvale, have attended the seminar.

Several aspects have been covered all from the perspective of the quality reviewer/expert. This permitted to show the crucial and critical role of the quality reviewers community in building and developing the quality culture and in creating the positive curso de roteiro change in a continuous improvement process. At the end of the workshop a general consent about the importance of pursuing those activities and further developing the Lebanese quality culture in higher education. Hereafter, you may download the different presentations.

Session1: Components of a Quality Assurance System and the Reviewers’ Role
Chaiperson: Antoine Yazigi
Components of a Quality Assurance System and the Reviewers’ Role: A Euyropean Approach, Bruno Curvale

Session 2: Modern Higher Education from the Reviewer Perspective
Chairperson: Pasacale Salameh
Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation: Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO), Maha AboulEla
Internal Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions, Karma El Hassan

Session 3: The TLQAA Standards and Tools
Chairperson: Maha Nehme ElDeek
TLQAA Standards and Tools, Maha Khachab

Session 4: Governance and Startegic Planning
Chairperson: Johan Abi Faraj
Quality Perspectives on University Governance, Georges Yahchouchi
Strategic Planning, Diane Nauffal

Session5: National Qualifications Frameworks, Employability and Quality
Chairperson: Nada Moghaizel Nasr
National Qualifications Framework, Employability and Quality Assurance: How the three Notions Connect, Bruno Curvale

Please find the agenda of the seminar here