WP.5: Dissemination and Exploitation of the Results in the Project

The dissemination and exploitation of results are parts of any project. This workpackage is in direct relation with the development workpackages and respective their outputs. The project results benefit to the whole community by reinforcing the quality culture. Therefore it is proposed to maintain these results online on a server that will be installed at the Ministry - Directorate General of Higher Education. It is also planned to publish several of the obtained results in specialized journals and conferences. This kind of dissemination together with roundtables are mentioned in the corresponding development workpackages. The activities conducted in this workpackage are as follows:

- Develop a web server and a database engine in order to preserve the obtained results;

- Maintain online e-training courses for experts and about internal reporting;

- Publish the results obtained in the different workpackages in scientific journals and conferences

- Hold several meeting at the national, regional and international levels to present the project and its achievements (visit the decision makers when the results are available to explain them and mainly: the QA model, the standards and procedures and, the experts selection criteria)

It is worth noting that the project will have to be well presented to the Lebanese Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education once established in order to make sure that the project results would be exploited.

  • Start date: October 2011
  • End date: October 2013
  • Lead partner: University of Balamand
  • Deliverables:
    1. IT Infrastructure
    2. Awareness Raising