Tempus Projects Representatives Meeting (12-13 December 2011)

The Tempus project representatives meeting was held in Brussels on 12-13 December 2011 in the Management Centre Europe. The representatives of the 64 projects selected in 2011 as well as the Tempus National Contact Points and the National Tempus Offices were present in the meeting. Celine Sage and Chafic Mokbel have represented the TLQAA project in this meeting. Very interesting presentations regarding Tempus project management and followup have been provided. Few of the presentations can be downloaded from below. For complete information, presentations and documents of the meeting please visit the Meeting web site at:

Grant Holder Meeting 2011

file attachments: 
"Regulations for Sound Contractual Management" by P. Ruffio
"Field Monitoring Policy" by J. Kemp
"Communication" by R. Mc Cabe
"Reporting" by R. Mc Cabe