Roundtable on Lebanese QA Standards and on Experts Selection Criteria

A roundtable to present to the Lebanese Higher Education Community the Quality Assurance Standards and the Experts Selection Criteria has been held at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education on October 16, 2012. More information: Programme, proposed standards (en, ar), proposed criteria for experts selection.

The standards and experts selection criteria in three languages are described in two flyers (please print in recto verso the following):
- Proposed standards (pdf)
- Proposed criteria for the selection of experts (pdf)

Please find in the following the three presentations delivered during the roundtable session:

WP2 Standards Presentation by Adnan Al Amine: October 2012
WP3 Criteria for Selection of Experts by Bruno Curvale: October 2012
TLQAA Status and Perspectives by Chafic Mokbel: October 2012