Study Visit - AERES/CIEP

Twelve Lebanese experts selected following the criteria set in the project have participated to a study visit to AERES and CIEP (Paris, Sevres - France) on 25-27 February 2013, where they have been introduced to the procedures and approaches adopted and used by AERES and trained on the procedures and approaches set by the project.

The agenda of the meeting can be found here.

The presentations given at the study visit can be downloaded from the following links:

  • The Elements of Institutional Evakluation / Les éléments de l'évaluation institutionnelle - by Prof. Robert Fouquet et Prof. Marie Salaün
  • The Relational issues with the stakeholders part of an institutional evaluation / Les enjeux des relations avec les parties prenantes dans le cadre de l’évaluation institutionelle - by Prof. Robert Fouquet et Prof. Marie Salaün
  • The TLQAA Model - Principal Characteristics / Le modèle TLQAA - Les principales caractéristiques - by M. Bruno Curvale
  • The TLQAA standards / Les standards TLQAA - by Prof. Jean-Pierre Caliste and M. Bruno Curvale
  • From Internal to External Evaluation:The Mirror Effect and Expected Impact of the Report / De l’Evaluation Interne à l’Evaluation Externe : Effet Miroir et Conséquences sur les Attendus du Rapport - By Ms. Sabine Goulin
  • The TLQAA Evaluation Procedures: From Standards to Evaluation / La procédure d’évaluation TLQAA: du référentiel à l’évaluation - by Prof. Jean-Pierre Caliste, M. Bruno Curvale et Prof. Robert Fouquet
  • Brainstorming on TLQAA Standards / Travaux de groupe sur les standards TLQAA
  • Conclusions / Synthèse du séminaire - by M. Bruno Curvale
  • Self study form / Fiche d'autoévaluation

List of participants:

Pierre Gédéon (AUCE)
Bilal Hussein (MUBS)*
Bassem Kaissi (MUBS)*
Chantal El Hachem (NDU)
Mary-Angela Willis (NDU)
Nada Chbat (UL)
Amer Helwani (UL)
Zeinab Saad (UL)
Rafic Younes (UL)
Maha Nehme (USF)
Elie Honein (UOB)
Walid Moubayed (UOB)
Henri Awit (USJ)
Nada MoghaizelNasr (USJ)