Study Visit - ANECA

Sixteen Lebanese experts selected following the criteria set in the project have participated to a study visit to ANECA (Madrid, Spain) on 13-15 February 2013, where they have been introduced to the procedures and approaches adopted and used by ANECA and trained on the procedures and approaches set by the project.

The agenda of the meeting can be found here.

The presentations given at the study visit can be downloaded from the following links:

List of participants:

Ahmad Jammal (DGHE)
Manal Naboulsi (AUCE)
Soubhi Abou Chahine (BAU)
Ahmad Smaili (BAU)
Diane Nauffal (LAU)
Saadallah Halimi (MUT)
Omar Mawlawi (MUT)
George Abdel Nour (NDU)
Kamal Abou chedid (NDU)
Zalpha Ayoubi (UL)
Badia Mazboudi (UL)
Mohamad Sukariyah (UL)
Josianne Abi Khattar (USF)
Daniel Ayuch (UOB)
Maha Khachab (UOB)
Chafic Mokbel (UOB)