WP.3: Selecting and Training the Lebanese Experts

This workpackage consists in selecting and training the local experts to be able to conduct external evaluation at the institutional level. Clear criteria for the selection of the experts will be first set. Then the selection process is conducted. In parallel, training materials will be prepared. Once selected the experts will be first trained locally. Then, they will go for study tours in European Quality Assurance Agencies. The following activities are conducted within this workpackage:

Subtask1- Prepare the selection criteria

Subtask2 - Selecting a number of experts

Subtask3 - Preparing the training materials

Subtask4 - Local training the experts

Subtask5 - Study tours in the European Quality Assurance Agencies

  • Start date: May 2012
  • End date: January 2013
  • Lead partner: Centre International des Etudes Pedagogiques
  • Deliverables:
    1. Experts Selection Criteria
    2. List of Selected Experts
    3. Training Materials
    4. Training the Experts
    5. Study Tours