WP.4: Pilot Evaluation

This workpackage covers the application of standards and procedures for the evaluation of several Lebanese institutions. Two kind of evaluations will be conducted at the institutional level; the evaluation of an already accredited university (with non Lebanese agencies) and the evaluation of two non-accredited universities. The selected universities will first go through a training seminar in order to explain the standards and forms to be used for their internal reports. The Universities will then complete their internal report. The local experts with the support of experts from the partners institutions will then perform an external evaluation and write their report. This pilot evaluation will include the following activities.

Subtask1 - Selecting the universities to undergo the pilot evaluation

Subtask2 - Seminar to explain the standards and the forms used for writing the internal report

Subtask3 - Writing the internal report with the support of the local and European experts

Subtask4 - External evaluation, reporting and recommendations

  • Start date: October 2012
  • End date: September 2013
  • Lead partner: Agencia Nacional de Evaluación de la Calidad y Acreditación - ANECA
  • Deliverables:
    1. List of Selected Pilot Universities
    2. Training Session
    3. Internal Reporting
    4. External Evaluation Reports